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My latest Broncos draft board. Follow plan "a" throughout, or follow plan "b" thoughout. If all else fails, pick the best player available from plan "x".

1 a	Damontre Moore			DE
1 a	Cornelius Carradine		DE
1 b	Manti Te'o			ILB
1 x	DJ Hayden (courtesy of Kiper)	CB
2 a	Sio Moore			ILB
2 b	Jamie Collins			DE
2 b	John Simon			DE
2 x	Johnathan Franklin		RB
2 x	Jon Bostic			ILB
3 a, b	Le'Veon Bell			RB
3 a, b	Christine Michael		RB
3 a, b	TJ McDonald			SS
3 x	Ryan Swope			WR
4 a, b	Chris Harper			WR
5 a, b	Kwame Geathers			NT
5 x	Eric Martin (courtesy of MUG)	OLB
7 a, b	Brett Maher			K
The goal is:
1. Damontre Moore DE (or Carradine DE)
2. Sio Moore LB (Broncos visit)
3. Christine Michael RB (reported Broncos interest, save $5M by cutting McGahee)
4. TJ McDonald SS (Broncos visit)
5. Kwame Geathers NT (Broncos visit)
7. Brett Maher K (save $5M by cutting Prater)

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