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Originally Posted by Bigdawg26 View Post
If we can get him in the second that would be awesome! But I doubt it though. I would rather get him in the 1st. I don't think we will get that CB from Houston because I think Denver wants bigger CB's if they do get one. However, I still want Cyrien or Eric Reid at safety and RB in the third.
I think Cyprien and Reid are getting more and more likley as options in the 1st Round. I'm not sure Reid makes it anymore, but Cyprien should be there.

My only hangup is that Elway and Fox have the philosophy that they want their 1st Round selection to be an instant starter and contribute heavily. I'm not sure a Safety can do that. We did just pick up Mike Adams' roster bonus, and he was quite good for us last season.

The only guys I can see that can come in and start Day 1, would be a MLB or a RB. So, I highly expect us to go that route.

Safety is my wildcard though. I could see an elite talent moving Adams to the bench.
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