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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
I wouldn't characterize Libertarians as more socially conservative, rather fiscally conservative. We have a spending issue in the country, there is just no doubt about it, reducing the scope of Federal Government shoudl be the goal, and pushing more reposnsiblity back on people to be sound in the personal financial management and accountabilty shodl also be part of the push.

I don't know of one Libertarian that suggests we eviserate a true social safety net in this country, but rather suggest we reform these programs to becoming true safety nets, were the yare means tested to help people who truly need them.

The Federal Government does so little well, its not their fault, they do things with good intention and I blieve that, but most items are best left to the States, Cities and personal citizen.
Fiscally or socially,they're both being rejected. SS and Medicare are 2 of the best things us as citizens pay into. I have yet to meet a " libertarian" that supports SS & Medicare being gov. Programs.
We have a jobs issue,spending can be adjusted and fixed without totally eviscerating our economy with drastic spending cuts.
A majority in this country view jobs as a bigger problem.
Also eliminating the caps that there are currently in place & raising revenue via taxes,eliminating loopholes & subsidies to oil for example.
This notion that there is only one way to fix things be it jobs or deficit is absurd.
I'm for some spending cuts too,but spending cuts alone are not the answer,never was.
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