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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Well, sure -- but with what Leach/Casey (more Casey with receiving the past few years) did with Houston and how Kubiak has utilized the position in the past, I see it as a tremendous fit. Especially when we had nobody there from the get-go. There were a few other guys 24champ and I were discussing, but I completely forgot about the void at FB and still realized Pryor was on board.

Might be in the minority here, but I'm absolutely stoked to know that I got a guy who is probably going to start for a while in the NFL at that position and keep the roster spot due to his ability to block and catch out of the backfield. As mentioned in another post, he can also played TB if need be and is a versatile threat on offense. His play time as a running back has given him amazing field awareness. In a split back set, he can also pick up the blitz. He absolutely took a **** all over Northern Illinois.

I don't see how people can't like this pick. Most guys are farting out names from other draft boards and I'm sticking to what I know and players I've watched forever. Lonnie is one of the most unselfish, team respected and dedicated players I've seen on the Noles and has done whatever is asked on the team to keep a role and make things work.

What else can you want out of a seventh round pick?

I'm hitting 28 foot jump shots with my selections. There is no doubt about it. I've made some questionable picks in years past (Brandon Harris to the Chargers in round one, ) -- but getting guys like Coples, Glenn, Wilkerson, Heyward, Flacco, etc. where I got them in the drafts I did have made me pretty proud. I feel GREAT about what I did with CIN/HOU this year and honestly feel that I did not make one bad pick this draft. Great value everywhere, IMHO.
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