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Reps & libertarians both believe in the privatization of SS,Medicare, & Medicaid. All of which carry large majority support amongst Americans. Even lg majorities of the so called tea party don't want changes to those programs. The list goes on & on,reps have to change their policies,or at the least have to compromise on a log chunk of them. A better sales pitch isn't going to save them.
Conservatives want to see these programs continue for people who really need them. I don't think there is anything worng with expecting someone who has vast resources to forgo SS and Medicare if they don't truly need them and can pay for healthcare on their own, or get catastrphic insurace for the really big items- if we have less people antipated to be on the programs, theorectically the program will shrink and serve the trule neediest of citzens only.

as far as Medicaid, no one had advocated Medicaid be privatized... it has been suggested it be block granted... it is designed to let the States use that money in a way that works for them and their medicaid rolls, and if they want to fund more, great.
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