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Advice for engineers from an engineer's perspective(Digital/IC design):
- If you properly document your designs, you won't end up maintaining them forever. You'll be able to hand them off to someone else and do something new and cooler.
- Don't be afraid to tackle projects that are outside your specialty. You will become a better engineer, and more employable.

Advice for engineers from a Manager's perspective:
- Try and solve your own problems before coming to me to solve them for you.
- If you want me to make a decision, think about it and recommend an answer for me. I may not agree, but I know you have thought about it, and eventually you'll get good enough at it to have my job.
- If there is a really difficult ****ty assignment to be done, volunteer for it, and then kick its ass. I will remember.
- If you are not happy with your job, let me know why before you decide to look for another job. I might be able to fix it for you.

Engineering Management:
- Don't be afraid to hire people who are smarter or better engineers than you. The success of your group is what get's you noticed.
- It's much much easier to make an effort to keep a good employee than it is to find a new one.
- Little things matter to your employees. A new monitor, a one day training seminar, or a new tool can make a huge difference in your employee's morale, and it costs the company practically nothing in comparison to the extra work happy employees will do.
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