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GOP Dead? Not dead, but certainly going to be on life support if it does not reconcile some of the platform isses that keep fiscal conservatives/live and let live Social issuers like myself that makes select anybody but a R or D on the ballot.

The GOP needs to find a way to convice the American people that the experiment in small, limited government we call America is still in the their best interests.. I think the problem is that the GOP has become a Net Government Expander much like Democrats, but they still think they are Small Government Champions. I think this is most manifested in their Social Policy Agenda... they can't win on that agenda, it doesn't mean personally they have to dilute their values, the American People are just not that interested in limiting the rights of gays, women, or keeping some drugs illegal.

I have been saying for a decade the GOP would be better suited to challnge democrats with a Lbertarians platform... live and let live, small government, domestic defense rather than offense, etc...
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