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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
Was really hoping Socalorado grabbed Rodney Smith, I would have laughed for a week. At least.

Anyway, thoughts on recent picks:

Mychal Rivera, Tennessee. Very nice value here in the late 7th. Quality all around TE that should go a round or two earlier. Also fills a solid need for the 49ers.

Eric Martin, Nebraska. I like him, obviously. It's been tough not to talk about him while I waited to see if he'd fall to my selection the last few rounds. I hope Denver drafts him. If Miller were to ever get injured, we'd have to change our entire scheme. Martin would be able to fill in quite capably and we wouldn't have to change a thing. It would be fun to see him and Miller on the field at the same time, like Clemons and Irvin in Seattle on passing downs.
He's not as good of a fit for the Bengals, but they can blitz him from SAM on passing downs, and he can always line up wide at DE. He's quick as hell, so he'll destroy RTs.

Bradley McDougald, Kansas. Productive at Kansas, but really lacks the athleticism you want at Safety. There were far better options available.

Zach Line, SMU. Reminds me of Peyton Hillis. He can catch, he runs hard, he's tough as hell. I think this is a great upside selection. He's either a west coast FB, or he's a situational RB in the NFL. Kind of a strange fit with Philly, especially since they paid big dollars to James Casey to be a hybrid type guy, but in terms of draft value, I like it. I think he goes in the 6th round. I hope Shanahan takes him, he'll know what to do with him in Washington.

Jeff Tuel, Washington State. There's a few QBs that are somewhat intriguing at the ass end of this draft. He's on that list. I would not draft any of them, but if you're concerned about signing them in UDFA, it certainly makes sense.

Rodney Smith, FSU. Ludo drafted him twice, which was epic. I like him here. Lots of upside, has all the physical tools you could want. Just never happened for him at FSU, he was stuck in a rut of mediocrity. Good developmental guy, a picture perfect 7th round pick.
I am kinda stuck having to hussle here a bit.
Flynn is gone, and SEA literally had as of 2 days ago, no other QB on the roster.
They signed QB Josh Portis on Tues. i am in the 7th round trying to make chicken salad outta chicken
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