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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by elibroncofan View Post
steal at 58...that'd be crazy if he fell that far. A month ago he was top 5
Damontre Moore had the WORST offseason I have seen in awhile, not taking into account Tyrann Mathieu's ridiculous trip to wonderland. He proved to GM's his lack of taking football seriously and therefore NOT getting a huge contract.

That being said, a lot of the talk about him dropping down boards is true. However, it only takes one team to stop his free fall and he has a ton of talent. Talent does NOT make a good NFL player, it is just the price of admission. And, most of the uber talented guys struggle when they have to mentally prepare and work hard for the first time at this level.

I sincerely doubt he falls to 58, but I have seen weirder things in the draft and these guys have more details on his work ethic than I do.
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