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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Does anyone have any thought on Brandon Jenkins? He looks like a much more athletic pass rusher than Carradine. I have been looking at Carradine's tape and he looks incredibly rigid, almost Lurch-like when he moves, quite a lot of the big plays he makes he gets on 2nd efforts rather than on his first move. Carradine is definitely a solid base end, but I am not sure his pass rush production will translate unless he develops some serious power moves. Jenkins is smaller and faster and comes off the snap really quickly, but he looks like he relies a ton of the outside speed rush and doesn't seem to have an effective counter move or a swim move or anything to go inside, I have seen a few spins, but that is a very dangerous move to go to since you lose sight of the ball.

Has anyone been scouting Jenkins?
I posted (I think in another thread) that I liked Jenkins as well... After watching the tape, I agree with you that Carradine has some limitations. I guess Jenkins is still not healed from his foot injury so taking him is going to involve some risk that he won't come all the way back but if he's available in the 4th round, I'd pick him up no doubt.
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