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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
I think it's a shame we might have spend billions in another war and we won't get a drop of oil out of that country ........ seems un-American to me.
talk about a country with nothing any other country would want. But S Korea important to the world economy and obviously Japan is also. The who world would get behind removing that regime if they step too far. When a country has firepower like N Korea it could get really messy really fast if anything big broke out.

I am confident in only a few months we could have most of their military destroyed but in the meantime who knows what S Korean cities would look like. It could only take a few days of shelling to reduce most to rubble.

I read they have over 100 thousand pieces of artillery. Hell that would take a long long time to take out even with drones and sorties flying everywhere.

IMO the best strategy if we ever had to attack them would be the d-day of drone attacks. Launch like 10 thousand all at once for a first wave and overwhelm their defenses.
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