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1. The Broncos deactivated Tony Carter after the first Ravens game, and reactivated Porter (after the dude was out to pasture and not even allowed to attend practice). I called out Carter after the first Ravens game for his poor play. The Broncos evidently saw the same thing.

2. Don't think for an instant that they were at all pleased with Carter after giving up 2 major plays (again) against the Ravens in the playoffs, basically costing them a chance at the Superbowl. 3rd down PI that eventually led to a TD, and game-tying TD.

3. The signing of DRC, even after Chris Harris had a remarkable season (mostly at RCB, not Nickel CB).

4. Reports surfacing that the Broncos were trying to sign Antoine Winfield, a few days ago.

5. Repeatedly praising Rahim Moore for his progress in 2012, and saying he just mad a bad play on the ball (which I agree with).

6. Even Jeff Legwold, the Broncos beat writer, basically echoed my sentiments in a column a few days ago.

Like I said, there is a major difference between giving your all and missing a ball by 6 inches (Moore)...and completely going out to lunch without trying (Carter). All evidence points to the Broncos seeing it exactly like I do. Frankly, I'm sick of discussing it.

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