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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
The problem is there aren't any other "Von like" players. Especially not at #28.

Taken from the Orange Mane draft thread, the prospect is Eric Martin.

This is the absolute best draft prospect nobody is talking about, and he's a prototype OLB in the 34, a LEO in the 43, or as a SAM LB in the manner in which we use Von Miller. He's not a natural fit for the Cincinnati defense, nor is he a need, but we'll get creative on how to use his elite pass rushing ability. He was my top remaining player, I have a 4th Round grade on him, and once Zac Stacy was drafted, this became a no-brainer for me as the best player available.

This 2012 All BIG TEN FIRST TEAM Defensive End has been one of the best special teams players in the country the last two years as a gunner. That's always a nice perk. He's a huge hitter that does well in space. This year the former OLB was asked to start at DE for the Cornhuskers and quickly became their best and most dominating player, as well as the most feared.

His Senior statistics match up quite well with fellow LB/DE hybrids Von Miller and Bruce Irvin, perhaps you've heard of those 1st round draft selections?

Von Miller - 68 Tackles, 18 Stuffs, 11 Sacks, 6 Passes Defensed, 3 Forced Fumbles.

Bruce Irvin - 40 Tackles, 15 Stuffs, 8 Sacks, 3 Forced Fumbles.

Eric Martin - 59 Tackles, 17 Stuffs, 9 Sacks, 1 Pass Defended, 2 Forced Fumbles.

But, the similarities don't stop there at being a dominating statistical performer. Oh no, you remember how Miller and Irvin went in the first round because of their rare athletic traits? Well, Martin is just as athletic, with the same freakish times:

Von Miller - 6'2, 245, 33 1/2 arms, 9 1/4 hand size.
40 Time = 4.49
Bench = 21 Reps
Vertical = 37 Inches
Broad = 126 Inches
3 Cone = 6.70 Seconds
Short Shuttle = 4.06 Seconds

Bruce Irvin - 6'3, 245, 33 3/8 arms, 9 5/8 hands.
40 Time = 4.5
Bench = 23 Reps
Vertical = 33.5 Inches
Broad = 123 Inches
3 Cone = 6.70 Seconds
Short Shuttle = 4.03 Seconds

Eric Martin - 6'1, 237, 32 3/4 arms, 9 7/8 hands.
40 Time = 4.53
Bench = 20 Reps
Vertical = 30.5 Inches
Broad = 120 Inches
3 Cone = 6.69 Seconds
Short Shuttle = 3.97 Seconds

Of course Miller went #2 Overall, and Irvin went #15 Overall. They all have similar production, they all have similar size, and they all have similar athleticism. But I get Martin at #228th Overall. Suffice it to say, this won't happen on draft day. Who really knows how early he goes. I like him more than 3rd Round prospects like John Simon and Sio Moore as a pass rush specialist. Heck, I like him more than Corey Lemonier and Jamie Collins as well in that pass rush specialist role. Collins is supposably this great athletic freak, he wishes he was as fast or as quick as Martin. While I don't see a player as dynamic as Von Miller in Martin, he is still raw, I do see a guy that can contribute 10+ sacks his rookie year in a situational role a la Bruce Irvin.

The national media hasn't learned about Martin yet, though NFL teams surely know all about him. Bruce Irvin went from a 4th round pick in the media to a 1st round pick one week before the draft. I expect a similar meteoric rise on Martin. I also find it entirely comical that doesn't even have him listed as an entrant in this draft.
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