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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
That panic at the line is what I'm talking about creating by moving Von around. Von rushed from both sides of the formation last year. Why would this be a problem? Drafting another Von like player allows more flexibility, movement, and confusion.. Tell me why it's a problem!
The problem is there aren't any other "Von like" players. Especially not at #28.

Go ahead. Sacrifice half your draft to trade up for Jarvis Jones (not sure why you think he'll drop to 28).

Then of course, you'll be left without a 0-tech. That might cause a few problems. Especially considering the LB's are small and under-sized. So, you'll need a couple 3-4 ILB's while your at it.

BTW, McDaniels tried your thought experiment a couple years ago and the Broncos had their worst season in team history. By the time you complete your transformation to 3-4, Osweiler will be starting.

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