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Yeah, pretty much if you want a stud. That's how it goes. EVERY TEAM wants a 3-down RDE that can get double-digit sacks year after year.

The high-salary RDE's have been devalued lately because of the rookie payscale. But, EVERY TEAM still wants that 3-down RDE that can get double-digit sacks, lots of pressures, FF's year after year.

So I agree with Price, Drunken, heyneck, etc whoever says now they lost Elvis, they have to find one somewhere. Where is that RDE gonna come from? Round One of the draft . . . .

You or whomever can say they just need a situational pass-rushing RDE, and maybe that's true, but I doubt the brass is thinking that way. They want the stud at RDE same as every team in the League, they just didn't want to put too much of the cap into it. They rolled the dice, lost the roll, now they have to roll again.
This just isn't always true. You don't just find three down DE's in the first round only. Doom was a fourth round pick.. In fact I think there are 5 rounds of pass rushers where such a player could develop into that role. While a three down DE is more likely to start day one if he's drafted first round. It surely doesn't mean a player couldn't start as a situational pass rusher and develop and grow into a three down role. Which is what we need, we need all of our drafted players to make an impact while growing into a long term role.
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