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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
I was going off the top of my head, but since you annoyed me so much with doubting this, I decided to spend some time digging through the internet about the Ravens during JDR's time there.

And you're right on this. I was wrong. The defensive end concept I'm remembering were the years after JDR left for Carolina.

The only value or relation that JDR's time in Baltimore has to the current Broncos is that he saw what a Rush LB (Boulware) could do in a 43 defense.

The scheme we are running now is similar to what the Seattle Seahawks run, but I don't think JDR has any connection to them. And they do use a DT at LDE (Red Bryant) to two gap, while Chris Clemons moves all over the place.

Regardless of being wrong about the correct positional scheme Baltimore ran in 2000 concerning it's Left Defensive End on base downs, it is important to note that whether it be Baltimore, Carolina, or Jacksonville, Del Rio appeared to prefer having 330+ lb DTs inside. Wolfe will never be close to that big. I think Wolfe stays at Left End on base downs while moving inside on passing downs. The signing of Knighton and fattening up of Vickerson shows that Del Rio still wants his DTs at 330+ lbs. Wolfe's only role in this defense is at LDE on run downs while sliding inside on passing downs.
Well, I'm glad I annoyed you so much. Apparently I'm good at it.

The other problem I have with the idea that Wolfe must remain at LDE is that without an injury last preseason, our starting LDE would have been 271 pounds. Also, the huge fatties that JDR used were inherited. When he drafted a DT early, he went smaller.
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