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Originally Posted by MagicHef View Post
McBean? Or would he not count as being in the base defense?
Ayers had one at 5-tech against the Chargers in 2011.

Ayers was starting to show flashes on the strongside at the end of 2011, then JDR benched him and switched his position to RDE.

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Because if you read the post I spoke about moving Von to the right side on passing downs and drafting a SOLB with a Von like skill set. This allows you to be more creative with your pass rush and makes the offensive line think more.
Bad idea. The only 3-4 guy the Broncos have is Von Miller. Wolfe plays a decent 5-tech, but can't really get any pressure from there. Maybe he'll improve, but who knows. Still need a 0-tech, and another 5-tech to convert to a 3-4.

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
And I named that I think there are only a few positions where a rookie would come in and start anyway. So what makes you think any pick will be a day 1 starter, three down player? And name that position!
RDE, MLB. Whoever they pick in the 1st round better be able to come in and play 3-downs right away. The Broncos have holes.

Any player you draft in the 1st round should be capable of being a 3-down Pro Bowl guy.

Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
The scheme we are running now is similar to what the Seattle Seahawks run, but I don't think JDR has any connection to them. And they do use a DT at LDE (Red Bryant) to two gap, while Chris Clemons moves all over the place.

Regardless of being wrong about the correct positional scheme Baltimore ran in 2000 concerning it's Left Defensive End on base downs, it is important to note that whether it be Baltimore, Carolina, or Jacksonville, Del Rio appeared to prefer having 330+ lb DTs inside. Wolfe will never be close to that big. I think Wolfe stays at Left End on base downs while moving inside on passing downs. The signing of Knighton and fattening up of Vickerson shows that Del Rio still wants his DTs at 330+ lbs. Wolfe's only role in this defense is at LDE on run downs while sliding inside on passing downs.
Tyson Alualu is 295 lbs. Hell, JDR even had Ty Warren (who is the exact same size as Wolfe) starting at 3-tech before he was injured. Justin Bannan is the exact same size as Wolfe. Brandon Mebane isn't a 2-gapper in Seattle either. Mebane is one of the NFL's best 1-tech's, but Seattle has him playing 3-tech (out of position). JDR is now trying to copy that. Which I think, is stupid. You should be able to get pressure up the middle out of base Defense. The Broncos can't do that.

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