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Originally Posted by jebures View Post
sorry that sounded snooty, but come on man, check the pro days circuit as well. Some peopel just have bad combines.
It's fine, you like your selection. I have a massive excel file with Combine times and Pro Day times, I didn't update his 40 because I discount all tracks where the Combine differential is massive. There are a few prospects in this draft that I feel ran on a fast track at the Pro Day and that it is not representative of their true speed.

So, what I do in that circumstance is I cross check his analysis with other draftnik style sites for evidence of his true athleticism, for example, National Football Post is the note I quoted for McDougald:

- McDougald has excellent height and bulk for the position. On interceptions, he demonstrates solid open field running instincts.

WEAKNESSES - McDougald is a slow-twitch athlete that lacks the range to make plays against the run or pass outside the hashes. He does not show the burst needed to break and close effectively on plays in front, and struggles to change directions to stay with moving targets. When trying to tackle he often gets flat footed and struggles to adjust to quick cuts, or fails to break down effectively while attacking and overruns his target completely.

SUMMARY - Bradley McDougald looks the part "on the hoof," but his athletic limitations will likely keep him from being able to sustain an NFL career with one team. He is a former WR and flashes the instincts to be a threat in the return game, but his lacks of speed, physicality and agility makes him a liability in coverage and ineffective in space. He also consistently missed tackles in games I viewed because of his flat-footed stance and inability to change directions. In order to have any chance at making an NFL roster he will need to immediately prove his worth on special teams, as he is at best a rotational box safety.

So, at this point, I stick with the Combine numbers because they appear to be the true indicators, and I cut/paste a note about the prospect.

All that being said, even if his true speed was a 4.5, there are still more athletic and productive safeties outstanding.
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