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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
You know I always appreciate your input, but I think my thoughts on this are pretty clear. I wouldn't be surprised for them to nab a DB in this draft somewhere with their first four picks given the contract statuses of Tony Carter, Chris Harris and DRC after this year. While there might always be a bountiful # of #2 DB's available in free agency, I think the Broncos, as Elway has stated, would like to home grow and groom their own prospects. I think there are a lot of tremendous values at CB in this draft and in particular, good scheme fits for the Broncos through the Top 125 picks in this draft. I expect them do nab some sort of defender in the secondary. After what happened last post-season, I can't see how we don't. I don't think getting DRC negates seeking long term initiative at CB for the team.

Thoughts are crystal clear. I'm just trying to understand who you cut. I'm guessing it's Tony Carter even though the coaching staff appears to really like him and fits in nicely as a man corner that also backs up the slot.

If we cut him, we need another man corner that backs up the slot. Tyrann Matthieu would be such a player, but is that really a big upgrade? Carter played quite well for us last year. Seems like a lateral move. And Carter is an FSU guy, WTH?!!

The only thing I can guarantee is that we won't carry 6 CBs because we'll carry 5 Safeties with Bruton. Last year we went into the season with Moore and Leonhard at Free Safety, and Adams, Carter, and Bruton at SS. We had our 5 CBs as: Champ, Porter, Harris, Carter, and Boldin. When Porter got hurt, we didn't use another CB, we just relied more on Leonhard.

We're likely going to carry the same roster again, sub'ing in a rookie Safety for Leonhard in all likelihood as we prepare for Adams' departure next season.
I think we're all in agreement that we're going to draft a well-rounded Safety early in this draft. Top three rounds for sure. Maybe Reid or Cyprien in Round 1. Maybe a Thomas, Williams, Rambo, Jefferson, Swearinger, or McDonald in Rounds 2 or 3.

But unless we're cutting one of our five quality CBs, there's no room on our roster for another one.

I just can't imagine, for the life of me, that we cut Tony Carter or Omar Boldin. And since DRC's contract is guaranteed for this season, we're not going to cut him. I'm just not sure how we fit another CB on our roster even though I understand why you want to.
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