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Originally Posted by boltaneer View Post
So the Chiefs are giving up a 2nd and another 2nd or 3rd for a two year rental?

How Raider-esque of them to do that.

Are Chief fans really happy with this? Yes, Alex Smith gives them a chance to win a few more games. But why shoot for 8-8 (even that is high expectations IMO) when you can roll the dice and go for a franchise QB? Look at the quarterbacks the Chiefs have missed out in the past few years especially because they were content with Cassel or Brodie Croyle.
kFc needs to take a QB at some point to groom and to be a backup to Smith. They are paying Daniel a lot of money considering he only has 7 passes in 3 years. Is an undrafted kid getting $3.333.333 mill a year going to take over or compete with AS?

If kFc was smart and one of these under whelming QB's were around in the 2nd round they should pull the trig...oh wait they don't have a 2nd round pick...

A. Smith, Ricky Stanzi, Chase Daniel are the QBOTF in kFc

Now that Albert is franchised, they just can't cut him without taking a Cap hit right? They kinda dug themselves into a hole.
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