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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
I still don't see the need for a CB.

Bailey still has a couple years left. Front office has said they don't see him moving any time soon. One bad game doesn't diminish a great season.

Harris is an ideal nickelback. I think everyone can see that.

Carter is an ideal 4th CB because of his man coverage skills. And the front office has talked him up since last offseason when he beat out Florence, he then went on to have a strong season. He's also our slot CB backup if Harris were to get injured.

Boldin is our backup return specialist as well as a developing outside CB the team is high on. They felt they had a steal in the 4th round with him. A special teams ace is ideal as your 5th CB, especially one that can develop.

DRC, we just paid 5 million to rent for a season. We probably told him the same thing we told Tracy Porter which is if you play well, we'll re-sign you. Theoretically, and since we're paying him 5 million, DRC is our 2nd starting CB.

That's 5 CBs. We are not going to carry 6. Will not happen since we carry Bruton as an extra special teams DB already. That means we have to cut somebody off our CB roster, which would almost have to be Tony Carter, whom the coaching staff raves about, and then we'd need our new CB to be slot capable in the event of a Harris injury.

I think our more likely route here is that we'll continue to rent a #2 CB for 5 million per year until we find one that delivers, and then we'll sign him long term and he'll eventually replace Champ. And the process will repeat. There's ALWAYS a #2 CB available on the market for 5 million per year. If we ever do NOT sign one prior to the draft, that's the year I think we can expect an early pick on a CB. That year is not this year.
You know I always appreciate your input, but I think my thoughts on this are pretty clear. I wouldn't be surprised for them to nab a DB in this draft somewhere with their first four picks given the contract statuses of Tony Carter, Chris Harris and DRC after this year. While there might always be a bountiful # of #2 DB's available in free agency, I think the Broncos, as Elway has stated, would like to home grow and groom their own prospects. I think there are a lot of tremendous values at CB in this draft and in particular, good scheme fits for the Broncos through the Top 125 picks in this draft. I expect them do nab some sort of defender in the secondary. After what happened last post-season, I can't see how we don't. I don't think getting DRC negates seeking long term initiative at CB for the team.
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