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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
For those wanting to take a CB at some point, I'm just curious how they fit on the active roster? We'll carry 5 CBs, we already carry an extra secondary guy in Bruton just for special teams.

1. Champ Bailey
2. DRC
3. Chris Harris
4. Tony Carter
5. Omar Boldin

Whom is getting cut for a draft pick? The only way we take a CB is if it's in the 7th round and we think we can get them through to our PS.
At this point Champ is the only "lock" to make the team. The rest (expect Boldin) have shown the ability to be solid #2/nickle CB in the NFL, but if there is a corner sitting that at @28 that they feel has the potential to be a #1 corner there is a strong chance they will select him.
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