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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
I just rewatched the play about 20 more times.

1. Rahim backpedaled furiously at the snap the prior two plays. He wasn't looking in the backfield at all, and had deep covered.
2. He also backpedaled prior to the hail mary snap (but hesitated a little). I couldn't see that when I was watching a GIF of the play 3 months ago. He did not take any steps forward at all.
3. Rahim was right there to make the play, but made the cardinal sin of lifting his arm closest to the WR to bat down the ball (instead of his arm closest to the QB).
4. Lifting his left arm (instead of his right), caused his body to get turned around and lose momentum. He was forced to back-pedal, and came up 6 inches short.
5. The only problem I see, is that he played the wrong arm in his technique. Easily fixable.
This isn't difficult. He leveled off. He shouldnt have. I dont think ANYONE is pointing to this as some fatal flaw. He just ****ed up.
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