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Default CFFA -- about to make everyone a criminal

When you want to talk about idiotic things the federal government is doing, just remember this:

"According to the new proposal floated by the House Judiciary Committee, the CFAA, which was originally passed in 1984 as a measure to thwart hacking, would be amended to treat any violation of a website’s Terms of Service – or an employer’s Terms of Use policy – as a criminal act. Under the proposed changes, users could be punished and possibly even prosecuted for accessing a website in a way it wasn’t meant to be used."

In other words, this law is something that would grant ordinary citizens the ability to make "laws" by writing terms of service agreements. While it would be hilarious to make all Raider's fans actual criminals by putting "Raiders fans may not use this website" in the Mane's TOS, it's neither just nor government according to rule of law.
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