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Sure, losing Doom hurts, but we also upgraded at DT (Knighton>Bannan) and at CB (DRC>Porter). And we still have the draft to make improvements. While losing Doom is certainly a negative, I don't see the D falling apart as a result.

Oh, and losing Doom had zero to do with Peyton. They had the money and cap space to keep him. They just made the decision that he was poor value at $12 million and tried to adjust that figure to a number they considered better value. So, if you think Doom was worth the money, then the blame should go to the front office for undervaluing him.
There's no question he needed to be renegotiated. But he was ours for $9, no question. Instead they gambled and haggled at $7.5 or $8, with a deadline within hours, and $5mil in dead money on the line.

Maybe there's a player out there you take that kind of gamble with (for chump change) Doom should never have been one of them.

And of course PM's chunk is an issue. If a couple million on Doom was an issue, there's no way PM's mammoth salary wasn't. They just don't have any leverage there to do anything about it with PM.
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