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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
But if you want to go back I think you'll note that my (and others') main objection to the move was that Pey(mea)ton's salary was going to have significant implications for the rest of the team, and especially the defense that was just emerging into something special.
Sure, losing Doom hurts, but we also upgraded at DT (Knighton>Bannan) and at CB (DRC>Porter). And we still have the draft to make improvements. While losing Doom is certainly a negative, I don't see the D falling apart as a result.

Oh, and losing Doom had zero to do with Peyton. They had the money and cap space to keep him. They just made the decision that he was poor value at $12 million and tried to adjust that figure to a number they considered better value. So, if you think Doom was worth the money, then the blame should go to the front office for undervaluing him, not Peyton's salary which clearly wasn't a factor.
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