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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
I would normally agree with this, but not this year. Alex Smith was the best QB available this year and it really isn't close. These QB's in the draft are arguably the worst class in 10 years.

I mean, what does it say when teams with the 1st, 3rd, 7th and 8th pick that desperately need a QB in the draft acquire veteran QB right before the draft?

It was reported that Oakland came in at the last minute and drove up the price for Alex Smith. On KC radio they said that we had originally offered a 3rd for him. A 2nd is the going rate for a QB though.

I think Reid recognized that we have some solid football players on the team like Bowe, Charles, Albert, Flowers, DJ, Tamba, Houston, Berry, Colquitt and a few other pieces that have some potential but we don't know what they are because of coaching.

We didn't give Alex Smith an extension, so it's widely believed that we will see how he does now and if he doesn't succeed, he will be replaced. Reid thinks this team is a team that can make the playoffs with better coaching this year. He mentioned that we were very close in 2011 and the pieces are still here.

We'll see though. I think the Chiefs will be in the playoff race this next season. Doesn't mean they'll get in, but they'll be in the discussion. I think a record around 8-8 is a fair expectation for this year.
Funny how Geno was being pimped during the season as a legit playoff contending QB who could come in and make kFc competitive right away.

Smith being the best available isn't saying much. Just look at his stats before he had a quality team built around him. I think you got the next Matt Cassel, not Joe Montana.
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