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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Ahhh 2011, what a great year. Jesse Williams had 24 tackles, and 0.5 sack.

With 32" arms, I would actually be surprised if he went before #50. I could see somebody taking a flyer on him in the 2nd round seeing him as a solid NT.
I keep trying to give you the benefit of the doubt price, but this kind of drivel and a reliance on stats keeps me from giving it to you. The kid played 2 gaps and reactive keys on Alabama's DL. It is NOT going to produce stats no matter who they are. The kid wore down OL and closed Gaps consistently so the play was destroyed. It allowed Alabama to be one of the best Run defenses in the country while he was there and win 2 national Championships. They were Tops in rushing defense in the SEC as well.

I get production, but you do not get scheme at all. Some of the most productive College players of all time rarely play in the NFL, because they get schemed numbers in college or their team is so damn talented they just push college players around. Projecting players from the NCAA to the NFL is an art as much as a science. Please, learn the art side.....and stop trying to justify everything with numbers. Numbers in football only tell a small part of the story.
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