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Please, Beavis. You've been pissing and moaning about basically every move the FO has made since they sent your lover Tebow packing, a guy who very well may be out of the league next season. You aren't fooling anybody.
I won't deny I loved the kid. Still do. But if you want to go back I think you'll note that my (and others') main objection to the move was that Pey(mea)ton's salary was going to have significant implications for the rest of the team, and especially the defense that was just emerging into something special.

There's no better indication of this I could've imagined than our FO sweating nickels and dimes with our best Defensive Lineman, only to watch him walk away over peanuts.

But outside of this dissection of VonDoom (where the failure is so obvious to anyone with eyes) I can't think of anything of significance that I've had a real problem with (since last March's move) I was stoked about Welker, especially for the price they got. Love Methwolf. I guess I said the Team Edward Clipboard Stand draft pick sucked. But that was more about timing (win now or go home) than anything.

I call 'em like I see 'em. But I've been doing that since long before Tim Tebow came to town.
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