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Default Colorado the Napa Valley of weed

Colorado has not seen enforcement action like youíve seen in California, where theyíre kicking in the doors of dispensaries. And thatís because Colorado has the most sophisticated medical marijuana regulatory system of anywhere in the world. At this point we have 400 pages of regulations and laws, so itís very easy to tell if this person is following the rules, and that personís selling 150 pounds out the back door. But weíre still being cautious. Weíre not here to poke our fingers in anybodyís eye or annoy the federal government. We just want to help people and make the process of finding weed more normal.

Normal is what we have in Colorado right now. You buy your weed at a store, and it has hours. I was saying to my friend the other day, ďAw man, itís 7:30, the weed storeís closed. Oh well, I guess Iíll wait until they open tomorrow morning at 9.Ē Thatís normal. Thatís what it should be.
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