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Notes about Vickerson/Bannan 2012 (base defense):
1. Dumervil and Miller would switch from right to left frequently.
2. The 1-tech would shade the Center on Miller's side every time.
3. Vickerson played LDT, and Bannan played RDT.
4. If Miller played at LDE Vickerson was 1-tech (Bannan was 3-tech at RDT).
5. If Miller played at RDE, Bannan was 1-tech (Vickerson was 3-tech at LDT).

Notes about Vickerson/Knighton 2013 (base defense):
1. Knighton has always played RDT for Jacksonville. I project him at RDT for the Broncos.
2. Vickerson played well at LDT in 2012, and I project him to stay at LDT in 2013.
3. Therefore, I project both will play 1-tech/3-tech depending on which side Miller is lined up without switching sides themselves.

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