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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
But the Nuggets are a better team than the Knicks right now. And so many of the big contributers of the Nugs came from that trade. The cool thing for us Nug fans, is the fact that after that trade we were told the Nuggets were going to go into a Cleveland type stupor, where we'd be really bad for quite awhile, before hoping to get good lottery balls and drafting the next star(s). So the fact that the post-melo Nuggets are now a top 5 in the league team recordwise, is awesome. The fact that this team will most likely have a better record than Melo's best Nuggets team has had, is amazing.

And the fact that they did this with great trades and great draft picks, seemingly finding a gem every year with Masai, is more awesome. And without a star. Just a great system with good players buying in.
Whatever, they are similar enough. Both teams benefited, neither team is probably winning anything.
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