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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Collins is a better fit as a 3-4 OLB or 4-3 SOLB.. I understand where you are going with your prospect targets, but the draft is plush with DEs, OLBs, and Safeties.. If you want I can do a 1-5 round projection of strictly RDE who would be solid on passing downs, like I did in my other thread, just not with OLBs.
I think the Broncos need a complete player at RDE.

I would be happy if the Broncos picked Collins with their 1st pick (like Wolfe), if Carradine/Moore are gone. He could be gone by 58. It's no problem that he has 3-4 OLB skills, he's big and physical enough to play on the DL, and has shown good ability to rush the passer. He could develop into a special player. I'm sure he wouldn't start this year, but he would get a lot of PT behind Ayers leading into 2014.

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