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The way I look at it, they have about 3 options to adequately replace Dumervil at RDE this offseason:

1. Carradine or D. Moore at #28 (both likely go be off the board)
2. possibly Jamie Collins at #58 (which you have mentioned)

I'd like to see a #1/#2 of Carradine/Sio Moore, or maybe Te'o/Collins...but if they want to replace McGahee, they'll have to do it in the 2nd round. All of this leaves SS completely unresolved until at least the 3rd round, which is lame.
Collins is a better fit as a 3-4 OLB or 4-3 SOLB.. I understand where you are going with your prospect targets, but the draft is plush with DEs, OLBs, and Safeties.. If you want I can do a 1-5 round projection of strictly RDE who would be solid on passing downs, like I did in my other thread, just not with OLBs.
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