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DRC is a one year contract, Carter was an ERFA and Harris is going to be due money at the end of this year anyways. I've been a fan of Tony Carter since his FSU days, but that doesn't mean he can't be upgraded upon and although Omar Bolden seems hungry, he didn't do anything last year to cement his status as a guy who can't be replaced on the roster.

Denver has Mike Adams, David Bruton, Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter at safety. That is just four guys there, with Duke Inenacho and Blake Gideon as PS fodder at S and Mario Butler being our reserve DB.

What happens if someone goes down? We just bring a guy like Gideon, Inenacho or Butler into the fold?

If there is any year to be looking for a guy at CB/DB to add to the team, it is this year. I look for us to get a versatile DB who can play multiple spots on the back end this year.
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