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Quentin Jammer

I don't know. Part of me just wants the whole situation to be over and for Korea to be unified, but there would be so much death and destruction that I don't want that either. I think the darkhorse player in all of this is China. They've been NK's ally since the 50's, and I think it all rests on what China wants. If they tell us not to do shlt, we need to not do shlt. If they divorce themselves from NK, and give us the go ahead and assurances that they will not get involved, fine. Lets get it over with. But if we go to war, it has to be just with NK. Then it will go quick. Bloody, but quick.

I think that if the world just quits giving them aid and propping them up, nature will take its course without a war. That would be the best solution to this whole problem. But no, I don't think NK is serious in these new threats. They just want more goodies.

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