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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
And Rahim Moore was reading the run on his gaffe play, and was told to have underneath coverage. It was ALL Tony Carter's fault!

He denies saying this, but he did.
Wrong. I said at least Moore made a play for the ball. Carter did nothing. Turns out the Broncos agree with me. Moore will be starting at FS again this year, and Carter will rarely see the field.

Jeff Legwold agrees with me too:

Cornerback Tony Carter, lined up six yards off Jones at the snap, was supposed to jam Jones before the receiver got through the five-yard contact zone. If no receiver was in the flat in the shorter area near the sideline, and there wasn't Carter was supposed to follow Jones up the sideline after the jam. He did neither.

Safety Rahim Moore is then late to Jones on a poor angle and misplayed the ball. Jones, in a well-played coverage look, shouldn't have even been an option for Flacco on the play.
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