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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
Yeah, but you're forgetting the climate around NYC at the time. The Knicks had been GOD AWFUL for years, got Donnie Walsh, and purged the entire roster in hopes of grabbing LeBron. Once that looked like it wasn't happening, nor Wade/Bosh...they HAD to do something. Plus, Stat actually energized the fan base at the beginning of his tenure...the knicks were playing pretty well.

Obviously, it screwed them a bit, but i understand why they did it.
If I remember correctly, they finally cleared all the dead contracts and were ready to spend. Since they couldn't land James/Wade/Bosh. They just had to spend the money? While NY was bad for years they finally had relief from the contracts which cause the problem in the first place. Couldn't land a player, so they drop all that money on Stat? Knicks have always been a destination. Just no patience shown there. There was no rush to drop that type of coin on Stat.
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