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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
I'm glad JDR was pushing for Wolfe last year, otherwise the Broncos wouldn't have made that pick.

I would be excited with a potential Carradine pick too.

In fact, I would be more comfortable knowing that Elway/Fox/JDR/Russell are making the Defensive 1st round pick, than if it was strictly on Elway and Matt Russell. There's a ton of Defensive knowledge on the Broncos staff now, and picking by committee is the best way to come out with the best players...sure beats Shanahan as GM.

In the later rounds, I trust Matt Russell and the scouts to unearth the talent, and present it to everybody else. Trevathan, Beal, Blake, and Bolden were all great picks on paper. The Chris Harris pick-up was phenomenal. They know what they're doing (by picking productive football players) in the later rounds.
How do you know this? This is the type of statement that tells me you are a moron. You are not in the Broncos front office, you were not in the draft room, you have no idea if the Broncos would have drafted Wolfe if JDR was part of the coaching staff or not. You are completely talking out your ass.
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