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Originally Posted by IHaveALight View Post
You can call it whatever you like, but remove the conditioning and you will see it plane as day.

Again, if global warming is strictly caused by mans green house gas production
Not true, but moving on...

Originally Posted by IHaveALight
and the elites of the world know all about it and how dire of a situation we are in then why aren't they acting right now? These people have the power. They tell us that global warming is coming, that it is a dire issue and that it is caused by our green house gas production. Yet they have the power, resources, technology and anything else they need to put the action into place to start converting the world to clean energy. But they are not doing a damn thing about it. It's right in front of you. My speculation is that climate change is real, man most definitely plays a role, there is a lot more information about the full spectrom of what is happening to the climate on this planet that they are keeping from us and they are going to use global warming and drought as a weapon to further control the human consciousness.
Yep, new-age-y la la land with a dose of conspiracism, paranoia, passivism, fatalism...
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