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Chris Harris

Count me in for leaving Miller where he is. He has the option to line up all over the place. I also like him standing rather then in 3 point stance. I think it makes more sense to draft a DE who can rush the passer and just go with Ayers and Jackson + rookie at RDE. I don't like the idea of Miller taking on 300+ lb LT's all day. And yes, a few TE's have been converted to LT's but that's not that common. These LT's today move better then before but they're still all usually well over 300 lbs. That's fine if he's rushing up the field against them and they're back pedaling but when they fire out in the run game, his effectiveness won't be as good as a 280lb DE would be.

I do agree Rhodes would take Adams spot but they may just be waiting to see how Carter does. I think Moore is starting the other spot.

I also wouldn't mind seeing Dansby brought in. The MLB draft class is not that strong and what we have now doesn't thrill me. We'll see how the ex Cardinals player does though. He's going to be better then Mays and Brooking though.

I think we'll draft 2 RB's to be honest.

I can't see a rookie Center starting, not with all the things Manning does. That's an adjustment that would be alot for a rookie to deal with. Walton will start.

Don't think we will draft a TE either. We have some good ones and we'll be in a 3WR set most often with Welker now.
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