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I don't understand KC's plan if they go with Joeckel.

Draft Joeckel #1, pay Albert franchise money this year then let him walk next year? What's the point in that? This team is not on the cusp of a Super Bowl.

Trading away picks for Alex Smith? Signing KC is spinning their wheels big time.

Their best bet is to trade Albert but his trade value stinks right now. But it would be better to get something for him at least.
It is being speculated that Branden Albert's back problems could be worse than perceived, but I'm not so sure that's true.

Albert has also been injured and missed games 4 of his 5 seasons and has never made a pro bowl, so does he really deserve big money?

NFL Network said that the Chiefs have 3 players who they are deciding on to make the pick: Joeckel, Fisher and Jordan.

I think the best plan is to keep Albert and draft Jordan. I really like his potential.
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