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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Then that means it's not "global" now doesn't it?

Wow, lovely display of your complete ignorance of the basic science of climate and weather nutjob.

Why do you types think that ignorance is equivalent to actual knowledge? Why do you think your complete lack of understanding of even the basics of climatology empowers you to 'refute it'?

For ****'s sake, try the intellectually honest route of at least attempting to learn about the topic before wading in.

your claiming this means you don't know what the **** you're talking're like the scientist who said "This is the male seahorse....." and then when his assistant points out that the seahorse is having a baby seahorse, he claims "Oh, well the male seahorse has the babies...." just to make himself seem like he's smarter than everyone else, when the truth is he's too stupid to know he's just a stubborn jackass
Nice projection there nutter.
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