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I'd bet that this is year marks the beginning of a transition to full time DT for Wolfe, with Malik Jackson taking over as the strongside DE.

Jackson impressed in pre-season action and before that through camp last season. The staff likely feels they've hit on something valuable there. At the same time whenever Del Rio talked about Wolfe as a DE the "for now" caveat was always attached, stating that he needed to add some size to be a full time DT.

I'd imagine that is the plan for this off-season. Get Wolfe to put on 10-15 pounds and over the course of the season prove he can maintain that weight while Jackson proves he's a legit starting LDE.

JDR rotates his DTs plenty to give Wolfe, Knighton, and Vick ample game time, plus Vickerson isn't exactly young. He's a one or two years top gap and his replacement needs to already be on the team (Unrein?).

Its a nice DL mix assuming that Ayers steps up in Doom's absence or the FO acquires a pass rusher to compliment him.
I think that may have been the original plan to play him at DT when he was first drafted as his plan on the long term curve. And it still may be the plan eventually.. But right now, he's our LDE on base downs. And Malik may rotate in or earn more PT, but Knighton and Vickerson are our starting DTs.

Why you and Hef don't like Wolfe at 5tech is mind boggling. Wolfe is a perfect 5tech DE.. I wouldn't want him anywhere else right now..
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