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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
I'd bet that this is year marks the beginning of a transition to full time DT for Wolfe, with Malik Jackson taking over as the strongside DE.

Jackson impressed in pre-season action and before that through camp last season. The staff likely feels they've hit on something valuable there. At the same time whenever Del Rio talked about Wolfe as a DE the "for now" caveat was always attached, stating that he needed to add some size to be a full time DT.

I'd imagine that is the plan for this off-season. Get Wolfe to put on 10-15 pounds and over the course of the season prove he can maintain that weight while Jackson proves he's a legit starting LDE.

JDR rotates his DTs plenty to give Wolfe, Knighton, and Vick ample game time, plus Vickerson isn't exactly young. He's a one or two years top gap and his replacement needs to already be on the team (Unrein?).

Its a nice DL mix assuming that Ayers steps up in Doom's absence or the FO acquires a pass rusher to compliment him.
This is what I was thinking, I had remembered a lot of "for now, we'd like him on the inside" type talk associated with Wolfe at DE.

I was also wondering about Beal at LDE, everything I had heard about him was basically "powerful, great at handfighting, not very fast," which sounds like a LDE to me. Plus, he was crazy productive in college.

As far as RDE, I'm really hoping it's not Ayers.
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