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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
We are running the same scheme Del Rio ran in Baltimore when he had Peter Boulware as his Von Miller. It was essentially a 34, but designed the same way our is as a 43. The LDE two gaps and is really a DT. The two DTs in the middle two gap on base downs. The RDE rushes like a normal 43 DE.

I'm not sure what the "technical" name is for this scheme, but what we ran this previous season was by design. I do not expect Wolfe to move inside. He'd have to gain 50 lbs to fit what Del Rio used to have with Sam Adams and Tony Siragusa.

This defense is massive fat asses inside that two gap. A two gapping 300 lb DT at LDE. a SAM LB that operates as a 34 OLB and rushes most of the time off the left side. A RDE that operates as a normal 43 end. Three down WILL and MIKE LBs are ideal. Woodyard fits perfectly. We need a MIKE that can cover. Being a big run plugger is not as important with three guys two gapping up front.
Nice post.

As to the OP, I think you underestimating the need at CB. If the right guy(s) show up at Denver 's pick then they will go get corner that will have the ability to compete for starting spot.
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