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Why not just bring in a WLB with "similar abilities" and leave Von where he is?
Well that perfect example of that such player is Kasheen Greene.. But.. If he's blitzing, then the linebackers are shifting to cover and compensate. But if I understand correctly you are suggesting a player be brought in like I am mentioning but line this player up on the right hand side and leave Von alone on the left? That's similar to just drafting a RDE, because that side usually is closed end that player doesn't drop into coverage, so it's maybe not as practical to have a player there who can flash and make plays but also drop into coverage.

I'm insinuating this because on Passing Downs, Vons coming! So putting him on the closed side where he can line up at least to start allows him to just do what he does best, instead of he or another player crossing the field for coverage and not blitzing to cover.. Also where does Woodyard play if you draft a Will? Moving Von just mixes things up and almost gives us a different look where you have to account for a player who can do more than just come off the edge.
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