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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by IHaveALight View Post
I don't know the truth about climate change, I just know that there is far more to the truth then we could understand with the current system. I have speculations and opinions, but that's all I have.

Left brain, right brain. Left, right. Knowledge, spirituality. Science, religion. It all stems from the same source. The further we explore left without right or right without left, the further we get from the truth. The earth doesn't exist as north pole and or south pole, the earth is north pole, south pole and everything in between. We could never understand the earth if we based all our beliefs from the poles. And actually if we tried, our understanding of the earth would be an uncontrollable, conflicting, chaotic mess. Sound familiar?
If you're not going to trust what you see and hear you shouldn't trust everything you think either. The mind created scientific theory. It also created the idea of other dimensions and lizard beings. Obviously, not all that we can think can withstand the test of reality.
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