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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
You're painting a picture by saying us "doom followers" are predicting a horrendous season just cause dumervil isn't on the field. God forbid someone who thinks its going to be a bit harder for the team with him gone. Resorting to blitz packages because of a lack of rush isn't a good look. This isn't the end of the offseason so moves/picks are to be made. Right now though its not crazy to think ayers won't get it done.
Let's see I have already seen posters say that losing Doom cost us a chance at the SB so I don't see how I am that far off.

Also a number of good posters have proven that Ayers in limited snaps, playing for Doom has been more than effective at RDE. Yet that gets blown off like it's a fluke.

Some of us can live with Ayers and a rookie DE over Doom because we know that the O will be much better with Welker not because of scoring either. NE averaged 3.5 more first downs per game then Denver with Welker. Just think what could happen when you give the most accurate slot throwing QB the best slot WR in the NFL. Clock chewing mode for Denver just got 100 times easier.
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