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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
You're painting a picture by saying us "doom followers" are predicting a horrendous season just cause dumervil isn't on the field. God forbid someone who thinks its going to be a bit harder for the team with him gone. Resorting to blitz packages because of a lack of rush isn't a good look. This isn't the end of the offseason so moves/picks are to be made. Right now though its not crazy to think ayers won't get it done.
I don't get why on this site people feel the need to label and chastise. Not saying you, but to your 'doom follower' quote. Who decided that if you're not with us in trashing former players, you're against us, as evidenced by someone else's post above? Why do you even have to defend yourself when making a case for keeping a player that left? It's so Charger-fan like, it's sickening. All it takes is for someone with time on their hands to read up on all the websites out there, to have someone form their opinions for them.

By the way, these are the same experts that will buy a draft magazine at Walgreen's, then repeat what is in there as gospel, portraying it as if they know more than anyone else.
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